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CMT is a professional yacht and boat transport company, fully  licensed and insured interstate carrier. The quote you receive from
CMT is based upon CMT transporting your boat. CMT is a fully
 licenced and bonded boat transportation broker as well, however
about 99% of the boats we contract for are transported by Carthage Marine Transport trucks and drivers. We will only broker out
shipments  with another boat transportation company with the customers knowledge and approval. Carthage Marine Transport will
provide premium boat, sailboat, or yacht transportation services at a fair, competitive price. The cost of all permits, load escorts if
required, and fuel surcharge  will be included in the quote. Cost for boat preparation, loading, and unloading is not included in the boat
transportation quote. CMT can assist in the arrangement of loading, unloading, and preparing your boat for shipment.

Carthage Marine Transport is not an online auction, nor is our primary business a boat transportation broker, where you receive a lot of
competing bids on shipping your boat. Our quote will be what we believe is a fair and competitive price for transporting your boat safely
and legally with professional, qualified, and experienced people with properly licenced, insured, and permitted boat hauling equipment.

Carthage Marine transport usually
does not require a deposit prior to accepting or shipping your boat. In most cases, for private boat
owners, full payment for the shipment in the form of Money Order, Bank Cashiers Check, or Certified Check is due upon arrival at the
destination prior to unloading. With prior arrangement, a Company Check, Cash, or Personal Check may be approved and accepted.
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General CMT Transport Information:
  • CMT does not ground pull boats on the owners trailer with a dually  
pick  up truck. CMT has Semi-Trucks with specialized 53  FT over-the-
road boat transport trailers.
  • CMT doesn't wet load or water launch boats
  • Height and Weight shipping Information:
  • Standing height is the most critical boat dimension required
  • Maximum height boat CMT will transport is 15 FT
  • If height of boat is over 12 Ft 6 IN, height must be reduced to  
lowest  shipping height by removing arches, radar, props, etc
  • Maximum weight boat CMT will transport  is 42,000 LB.
  • CMT has authority to ship USA to Canada, Canada to the USA,  
but a US carrier, including CMT, can't ship Canada to Canada.
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46 Ft Cobalt Yacht
56 Ft Long                 14 Ft 6 In Wide                15 Ft Tall