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Carthage Marine Transport Values
Carthage Marine Transport is a leader in boat and marine transportation with quality people delivering world class results to our
customers. CMT is known as a quality boat and yacht shipping Company hauling over 2500 Boats and yachts annually.
Carthage Marine Transport's success is based on core values to which we are strongly committed. CMT is the preferred boat and yacht
hauler for several Companies, including manufacturers, dealers, marinas, brokers and private boat and yacht owners:
Safety is our top priority, and we will make no compromise when it comes to the safety and well being of our employees, drivers,
and the public.
Regulatory Compliance and operating legally is strictly enforced. CMT will not ship your boat illegally
Customer Satisfaction is the cornerstone of our company objectives and we will strive to provide courteous, reliable service
at all times. CMT is known as a quality boat transporter.
Employee Satisfaction is the heart of the operation and we take pride in our staff of dedicated, self motivated professionals
Honesty forms the basis of our values and we will not deviate from this
Profitability is a result of the above areas and must be realized for the operation to remain viable
Carthage Marine Transport Boat And Yacht Customers
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Load Of Cobalt Boats In Route To Tahoe, California  From Kansas
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Marine Manufacturers
Boat Dealers
Other Shipping Companies
Government Agencies
Private Boat Owners
SeaArk Superload Government Boat From Arkansas to Pennsylvania
SeaArk Super load From AR to PA
16 Feet 6 Inches Wide
CMT is a Boat Transportation Company that is recognized as a leader in transporting boats and yachts for the boating industry. We
provide boat and yacht transportation nationwide and to/from Canada. CMT Boat Transport is a boat shipping company with an
experienced staff that will coordinate all steps of the boat or Yacht move.
Multiple Boat Shipments For Boat Manufacturers And Dealers
Private Boats For Individuals, Dealers, Marinas, Other Boat Transport Companies, And Brokers
Yachts, Sailboats, Houseboats, And Other Types Of Large Boats Up To 60 Feet length, 15 Feet Tall, And 42,000 Lb
Government, Military, Rescue, And Conservation Types Of Boats
Boat Shipments To And From Canada
Boats Transferring  Into And From USA Ports
Specialty Boats Requiring Special Handling
Boat Moving Services  Provided By Carthage Marine Transport