Mike's camera broke so I took these pictures for him.  These are reduced in size for e-mail and display on a monitor.  If you have an FTP site I can
upload them at full size of 10 megapixels.

Except for Mike's truck blowing a air-suspension bag, the move went super well.  I am really impressed both by Mike's professionalism and skill along
with the superior equipment he was using.  Please feel free to use me as a reference anytime.  I have never moved a boat by truck before and had
heard all sorts of horror stories.  It is a real pleasure to deal with a class company.

Paul Bremer
Carthage Marine Transport LLC
Travis R Gubser []                                                                                Thursday, September 17,


I wanted you to know how pleased we are with the whole boat movement.  Everything arrived in good order.  I have attached the photos I took.  I
enjoyed talking with Kenneth, who was very helpful and cooperative.  

Best regards,

Skipper Chenault
Our largest customer, Cobalt Boats sends a survey request for each load of boats delivered. The following is just 1 of the returned surveys to show an
example of the normal response we receive on our shipments. If all boxes are not checked "excellent" we follow up to see how we can improve. Almost
every survey is returned with all "excellent" boxes checked.
Carthage Marine Transport would like to share with you a sample of the many
responses we receive from our customers.
Copied from www.My
What a treat our new Cobalt Boat 282 with Twin 496mag HO’s is!!!  When it arrived on the transport with only 18hrs on her, we were so happy to realize
just how “new” the boat was.  Not a scratch and hardly a spec of dirt even after the 1500 mile journey.  CMT transport took all the necessary cautions
loading and transporting the boat.  Special thanks to Travis and his team…and Roger who was our driver for all his help with the details and care.

Our maiden voyage was this weekend and boy did we get a front row seat to the best show in town!  The boat rockets past the 70mph speedo and
continues to accerlerate.  Without GPS, we have no idea how far past 70mph we were going, but we know we are well into the mid 70’s before the rpms
stay at 4900-5000 at just 3/4 throttle.  WOW!  This means we have more speed left if we were to change props from our current 28 pitch.  We would see
80mph with prop change to gain our maximum rpms.  However, the boat is so QUICK from idle to 60mph without adding trim, it’s almost just as exciting to
feel the rush of how fast the boat surges forward.  Seriously, no words can describe it, but knowing you are in a 9′ beam 8000lb boat and accelerating
this fast is surreal.  Not sure how to describe it, but the boat feels very light and nimble.  Guess it’s like a Dodge Viper in a school zone…’s actually
hard to go slow.  Boat seems to love the 47mph mark after just a few clicks of throttle.  The boat lopes along at this speed with the twin engines
producing their DEEP DEEP Baratone Thump-Thump in unison.  I always loved the sound of twins.  Best of all, my twin boys really love Dads new boat
and we all had a great family day on the water.
The following was sent to CMT from the owner of Proud Mary III.
Wed 2/16/2011 12:11 PM
boat delivery

Folks, I can’t say enough good things about Roger and his wife and your company as well. You folks did a tremendous job delivering our boat. Customer
service was terrific and everytime I spoke with or emailed one of you I was treated as if I were the only customer you had. This kind of service is rare and
hard to find in this day and time. Speaking as the Chief for Lake Hamilton Fire Department as a member of the Arkansas Fire Boat Committee I will
certainly recommend you to anyone who needs a boat moved. Please feel free to use me as a reference. Once again THANK YOU for a job well done!!!,
Matt Simpson
:Wed 2/16/2011 11:40 AM


I had the pleasure of meeting Roger and his wife when they delivered Lake Hamilton’s new fire boat last Saturday.   I was impressed with their courtesy
and “can do” attitude.   THEY REPRESENT YOUR COMPANY VERY WELL.  

Although I am Chief of our local volunteer fire department, my real job is in the resort business, including the operation of three marinas on Lakes
Ouachita, DeGray, and Greeson.   I will happily recommend your company for our customer’s marine transport needs.

FW: Boat Arrival in Canada

To: Derek Van Schie; Dan Anderson; Travis Gubser
Subject: Boat Arrival in Canada

To are a few pics of the Chaparrals arrival and new home!

Thanx to everyone for the hard work and effort.

I am in love all over again...don't tell my wife.