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Carthage Marine Boat Transport History
Carthage Marine Transport is a family owned & operated boat transportation company located near Carthage, Missouri.

Carthage Marine Transport was founded in 2003 by Brooks R Gubser, the principle owner. The company was started by Brooks so that
his son, Travis could haul and move a few single boats using his pickup truck. Brooks was in the process of retiring from a major global
dairy manufacturer after working in management positions with that company for 40 years and was looking for something meaningful to
occupy his time after retirement.

After starting the business in this small way, Brooks looked at the boat transportation industry and it appeared to him that the industry was
dominated by boat haulers, boat shipping companies, & boat transportation brokers that did not operate honestly, legally, or with integrity.
Brooks' work history was with a very reputable company that was successful primarily by focusing on the customer's requirements & this
focus on the customer appeared to be almost non-existent in the boat transportation industry. It appeared there might be a niche in the
industry for a company that would deliver a premium service by being honest in its dealings with everyone, operated legally & safely,
placing emphasis on the needs of the employees, and most of all, recognized the importance of delivering to the customer a quality
service that would meet the requirements of the customer.

Carthage Marine Transport has successfully developed this niche in the boat transportation industry by focusing on the primary areas we
believe are necessary for success; honesty, safety, regulatory compliance, employee relations, & customer service. Our primary objective
is to provide damage free, on time delivery of boats, primarily to the boat manufacturers, which is the primary base of our company.

This unique blend of beliefs in the boat transportation industry has allowed the company to grow at a rate of 40% per year to its current
level. Additional information on the history is in a Joplin Globe article published April, 2006,
Big Boats Cruise Along On Big Trucks.

Carthage Marine Transport remains committed to the basic philosophies that the company was built on.
Carthage Marine Transport Growth/Business Plan
Carthage Marine Transport growth during the first 5 years was at a level of 40% per year. The business plan for the next 5 years shows
continued growth in sales, however at a planned rate reduced to 10%-20% per year. This level of growth will allow the company to
continue to increase its market share in the yacht transportation segment, but at a level more compatible with the operation's capability
for growth and continued improvement.

The reduced rate of growth was accomplished very quickly by the US economy slowdown in 2008. The slowdown was especially hard on
the boat manufacturers and thus the boat transportation business. Carthage Marine Transport will rebuild as necessary.

The rebuilding and new business plan will be accomplished by cutting back on any high risk type of customers while increasing the quality
type of customers more in line with our company philosophies and long term plans. CMT will develop enhanced vetting procedures in our
employee hiring efforts to insure only premium, top quality owner operators are hired. We will strengthen our presence for private boat
transportation on the Internet and will increase our % of trucks that can transport into Canada. In the future in order to improve our ability
to better service our customers CMT will eliminate all company drivers and utilize 100 % owner operators.

With these changes CMT will emerge from the economic slowdown a much improved company with a higher potential for quality service to
our customers.
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Carthage Marine Transport Objectives/Mission

Carthage Marine Transport is dedicated to successfully providing premium services to our customers by utilizing premium people,
methods, & technology. CMT will provide defect-free products & services, insure boat delivery on time, ship safely & legally, &
at a competitive price to achieve superior customer satisfaction. We are committed in assisting & contributing to the success &
growth of our customer's business. We value integrity, honesty, accountability, openness, excellence, continual improvement,
& mutual respect & we will utilize these values to accomplish these high standards of quality performance. Our success & growth
is dependent upon the successful utilization of our assets & values & by providing superior customer service. The growth & profit of
Carthage Marine Transport will provide job security for our employees & fair return on investment for the owners.
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